JUST so I can get this straight, do the people that write into the paper actually live and work in this town, because as far as I can tell they clearly haven’t had a look around the industrial estates or attempted to look for work in the area for quite some time.

In last week’s Advertiser Mr Clark and Mr Moon both wrote in with their views and opinions on the proposal for another distribution hub and the problems with the existing one.

Firstly, in response to Mr Clark’s letter, yes there is extra traffic on the A303 and yes there is extra noise from said traffic but this would be the case if the distribution centre was in Andover or anywhere north or south of Andover as the A303 lies, so surely its beneficial to the town to have the jobs and economy that the centre brings and just put up with the traffic and the slight inconvenience to a few, which leads me to the second letter.

Mr Moon writes doubting if 900 or so jobs is good for the town.

Well Mr Moon, do you see any other expanding business options in the town? Any other business at all wishing to come to Andover and set up shop?

Any jobs created in Andover must be good. As a rule, the majority of work in this town in unskilled manual labour, call centre operatives and data entry (just look in any job agency window) and the salaries offered for these roles are shocking in comparison to living costs.

There are many, many companies which operate on a temporary to permanent basis, meaning for the first six months or so there is no job security at all and employees can be let go at anytime and believe me several large companies in the town do so on a regular basis, making it very hard for individuals to progress in any career.

So if a large company such as Co-op comes in and offers decent money and a secure working future this has to be a good thing.

It would also mean that current employers will have to re-evaluate their wages to keep their employees from leaving for better-paid jobs.

Andover needs all the options it can get when it comes to employers and employment.

Richie Towerton, Augusta Park.