WHILE unable to express an opinion on the proposed Solar Farm due to lack of detailed information I am concerned that the writer of the recent letter on the subject seemed so misinformed on the need for Clean Energy and a few points need to be made.

1. The cost of solar to consumers.

It seems reasonable to expect that the cost will be paid by consumers — the same as with other means of generation such as coal or gas. Any subsidies are normal to a new and developing activity.

2. Global warming / Climate change.

Contrary to the assertion state, scientists are now sure that it is contributed to by human activity and have made increasingly urgent appeals to modify our polluting activities.

Whatever the weather levels in the UK global temperatures are rising — with disastrous results already for communities in the Third World with disruption of their normal weather patterns, causing droughts and floods and resulting in hunger and destitution.

And its results are coming to the developed world — witness the recent devastation on the east coast of the USA.

The icecaps are melting, the glaciers are retreating, sea levels are rising and the oceans are being acidified.

The promotion of clean energy — such as solar, wind or tidal is one of the means by which we can counter these effects.

Let us not only live for ourselves and for today but seek to make a better world for others and for future generations.

Mr NF Cox, Junction Road, Andover