I CANNOT let Laurie Manifold’s letter go unchallenged.

He has selected one short-term figure (that I have been unable to find on the Met Office website). On the other hand on that site it states: “There is a wide range of evidence that indicates that our climate is warming.”

We only have to look around this world to see: Greenland ice loss increasing from 90 to 220 cubic kilometres per year; Arctic ice cover declining 7.8 per cent per year and is expected to be ice-free in the summer by 2030 or so.

Sea level has risen 10mm round the UK and 17mm globally. The mid Atlantic hurricanes are getting more frequent and stronger.

All this information and much more is readily available on the Met Office web site and under the headings mentioned. Listen to Debbie Hemming talking about it.

Is this a case of “Don’t confuse me with the facts. I have made up my mind.”?

Our grandchildren will never forgive us for burying our heads in the sand when they have to pick up the tab we have left behind.

Geoff Levy, Tower Close, Charlton