I WOULD like to reply to Bob Roberts’ letter regarding the War Memorial.

He seems to have missed many of the points I made, which I would like to clarify.

Firstly, I would not be against a public consultation, and have never said I would be!

I have merely stated that the majority of residents I have spoken to or heard from think the Memorial should remain in the Garden of Remembrance.

There were also comments from those, such as Mr Roberts, who wish it to be returned to the High Street and I respect their views.

Secondly I am indignant that Mr Roberts seems to think I care more for the Christmas lights switch-on, Sunday shopping etc. than this memorial to our lost heroes.

I have the greatest respect for it and always attend the Remembrance Day service, as previously stated.

My late husband Gus, a former Royal Hampshire soldier, was always very proud to be in the parade, sometimes marching with his son Lee, who is still a serving soldier.

There is always a good turnout for the parade and service, which gladdens the hearts of servicemen and women, old and young, and I am sure this will continue wherever the memorial is sited.

However, there is a minority who do not have this respect and I merely made the point that Sunday shopping, pavement cafes and late night revellers could cause the War Memorial to be damaged if it were resited in the High Street.

Times have changed so much – when I grew up in the 1950s and 60s, there were no shops open on Sunday and I sometimes wish we could return to that era!

So Mr Roberts, I will certainly back a public consultation, and I am sure others who support my views would be interested to know the outcome.

If the council decide to return the War Memorial to the High Street, so be it!

Irene Williams, Heath Vale, Andover