IT APPALLED me this morning to find both of my children’s schools were closed because of the snow.

I have taken it upon myself to write to both and ask for some answers.

I am sure many of your employees have turned in today, as other businesses across Andover.

So why are schools different?

Does it set the right example to students, our future workforce?

Will it be the case in years to come that when it snows everything will close down because this is the culture that has been taught to our younger generations?

The schools may use health and safety as an excuse, but there is no excuse for these educational establishment not forwardplanning and setting homework on line for days such as these.

Today will just become another holiday.

Let’s hope the supermarkets have not closed because of the weather or we might all starve – an extreme comment I know, but no forward planning of assignments or homework is this acceptable by establishments moulding our future generations?

Simon Smith Bere Hill Crescent Andover