IT would appear that the local Highway Authority had prepared well for winter this year and were able to ensure that main traffic routes through the area remained relatively free from disruption by gritting/ salting the surface of roads before the recent heavy fall of snow.

However, whilst I applaud the authority for their work on behalf of those who travel by motor vehicle, I do question why so little attention was paid to the others who also needed to travel.

Many pedestrians who sought to avoid the immediate danger of slipping on icy pavements put themselves at risk by walking in the road — and clearly those needing to travel by mobility buggy faced even greater problems.

I recognise there will be financial implications and I don’t suggest that all pavements should be treated.

But, would it not, at least, be possible to extend the spread of grit/salt from treatment vehicles onto pavements at the same time the roads are being treated, as this would provide pedestrians with a safe walking surface?

I feel that gradients and the areas around bus stops need to have a safe surface.

I will be contacting Hampshire County Council’s Highways Department to request that in future, when a heavy snow is forecast, some action can be taken to ease the problems facing pedestrians and those who travel by mobility buggy.

I am hopeful that other Advertiser readers will contact the county council, as I anticipate the arrangements will not be improved through my approach alone!

Alan High, Charlton.