FROM the two separate reports in your issue of 25 January, it would seem that Councillor Felicity Hindson and Councillor Ray Ellis, both of Hampshire County Council, really ought to meet and talk to each other sometime.

While Councillor Hindson reassures us that recipients of Meals on Wheels “can continue to do so in the future”, as the services of the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service are dispensed with, elsewhere, buried in the Advertiser’s business section, Councillor Ellis is reported to be involved with a movement to facilitate the engaging of, among others, voluntary groups with Hampshire County Council.

On the surface, then, this latter course of action is not only a welcome trend but also one that, perhaps unintentionally, recognises the current thinking that links activity with health in the more senior members of society.

Did the bean counters take that into consideration?

Does the bestowing of the title ‘royal’ mean anything to them?

Z Jarenicz, Fyfield