I AM writing to you with regards to the state of Andover town centre.

I have been a resident in Andover all my life – 38 years – my parents still live there but I have to say how disappointed I am with the way Andover has become.

I came to the centre a few months ago and how disappointed I was to see so many shops empty, to see so many card shops, so many coffee shops, charity shops, betting shops, estate agents and pubs.

I am a businesswomen selling children’s clothing and I know Andover is in need of something like me to come to the town, as there is absolutely nothing for parents/- grandparents, etc, to buy.

So why have I not found out about renting in the town centre? Well, to start with, the rent is extortionate, plus I would have to pay for electricity, business rates and whatever else.

Would I open a shop now? Absolutely not.

Andover would need to get in other businesses before I even consider doing this.

So what are the council planning on doing to encourage more businesses to open here?

NOTHING, I believe, as they are too busy thinking of other things like revamping the bus station.

You are building houses after houses so the population is going up, so why is no-one using this to their benefit to encourage these people to shop in Andover?

Someone somewhere needs to do something before Andover becomes a ghost town.

Lisa Hamson, Foxtail Gardens, Ludgershall