I WOULD just like to put in a word for people who work in telesales or as door to door canvassers.

Whilst regarded as a great nuisance by some, telesales people work under great pressure and stringent targets, with some managers themselves setting targets even higher than the company standard.

They themselves can receive considerable abuse from regional and divisional managers which would not be tolerated in other organisations.

Sometimes you would call someone just at the right time. I remember working a week without a lead, then phoning a potential customer who was interested in a quote for 14 windows and two doors, which resulted in a large sale.

Also remember door canvassers are almost invariably self-employed and are out in all weathers. It is not an easy position for them.

Finally, as I have written before, some ‘no to cold calling’ zones are not always clearly defined as to where they start and finish.

Should it not be left to individual householders to put up notices as to whether callers are welcome or not?

Richard J Kidd, Danegeld Close, Andover.