I APOLOGISE to those Andoverians who either do not live in this part of the town, do not use Weyhill Road either as a pedestrian or driver, or who are not in any way affected by these proposals.

However, for those of us who do, it is going to have an effect on our lives and for the numerous small businesses on Weyhill Road.

I am delighted that the Andover Advertiser has again printed letters of concern from both Keith Cezair and myself. But what do we get in response from Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC)? Absolutely nothing.

It is as if they believe they have some sort of divine right to proceed with this proposal. That it forms part of their ‘Cycle Strategy’ cuts no ice with me.

In and around Andover I see these hideous red asphalt pavements with pathetic excuses for a bike painted in white on them.

They are scandalously and outrageously underused by cyclists.

Should this proposal proceed, this stretch of Weyhill Road will witness most, if not all, the roadside pleasantries such as the grass verges and trees disappear.

Both Keith Cezair and I are absolutely right that Weyhill Road users would be better served by more policing to ensure it is safe for both drivers and cyclists.

Taking cyclists off Weyhill Road will simply encourage some drivers to exceed the 30mph speed limit. And what if some cyclists, myself included, still decide to cycle on the road thus ensuring that the pavement is there only for pedestrians?

Will they receive inappropriate gestures from some drivers?

So we now have some insight into TVBC’s policy pursuits. Close much-loved council-run care homes for the elderly (remember Cherry Orchard in 2011?) which received much necessary publicity from the Andover Advertiser, but spend our money on ensuring Russian roulette for pedestrians on Weyhill Road.

And for those council tax payers concerned about the overall cost of the scheme to the taxpayer, not to mention the justification for the proposal, a response is awaited from TVBC.

Go on TVBC any response will do. We know you can provide one.

Alan Turner, Weyhill Road, Andover