AS many of you will know Unity Christian Theatre have, in recent years, performed a Passion Play in Andover High Street on Good Friday.

This will not, however, be the case this year.

Although the casting and performing of the play produced no insurmountable issues, finding the required manpower to set up and supervise safely such a production has always been extremely difficult, and the extreme cold of last Easter made it impossible to continue .

However, this has given us an opportunity to develop further.

On Monday, 14 and Tuesday, 15 April at 7.30pm we will perform an Easter musical ‘Death or Life’ to include the Passion of Christ, in The Lights theatre.

With music by Roger Jones and Christian Music Ministries, tickets are on sale now at The Lights.

All proceeds to be donated to Visually Impaired People Andover.

Sharon O’Leary, director, Unity Christian Theatre