WE are motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, and when the Weyhill Road cycle path comes to pass I would draw Weyhill Road residents’ attention to the Millway Road to Floral Way cycle path layout that Mr Turner highlights.

While walking along this particular Salisbury Road walkway, there are whizzing cyclists on one side of you and speeding motorists on the other. The vulnerable pedestrian is stuck in the middle with wheeled transport, at speed, on either side. Surely common sense suggests that the walkway should be on the inside for a safer passage.

Unfortunately a confusion of councillors will not understand this simplistic ideal, for if they did they would have taken some action by now.

The person who designed this particular layout must be the same bungler that did away with the bus indent outside our hospital.

The stationary bus, blocking the road, causes traffic tailbacks every ten minutes or so.

What chance have emergency vehicles leaving or arriving at this point of access got? The dear old level crossing gates had nothing on this folly. So beware residents of Weyhill Road!

For when the alterations happen and, quite possibly, they adopt the perilous Salisbury Road format, you may find yourself stepping out of your front gate straight into the path of a cyclist.

Bang! Goodnight, Vienna!

John Porter Millway Road Andover