IN recent months, hardly a week has gone by when we have not seen a letter published in these pages from David Drew.

He has commented or had an opinion on just about everything, from acoustic fencing to the Weyhill Road cycle route.

While I am no supporter of UKIP’s national policies, Cllr Tony Hooke has shown, during his short time in office, just what a local politician should be doing.

There are many of our borough councillors who could take a leaf out of his book, including Cllr Carr, who would rather spend the first three paragraphs of his own letter in last week’s Advertiser point-scoring, berating the newspaper for a simple error, rather than addressing and taking some action regarding the actual issue... that no one wants money spent on the cycle route!

As one of your other correspondents said last week, roll on the May 2015 elections!

Mark Brown, The Avenue, Andover