WHILST I sympathize with
all aspects of the cycle path
saga, please spare a thought
for some of the residents who
live in Highlands Road/Wool
Before the six new Aster
properties at Drovers Walk
were put up we had a footpath
which ran from
Highlands Road through to
Wool Grove. This footpath
was used as a quick route for
us oldies to get to the nearest
postbox and a short cut
for the youngsters off to
However towards the end of
March the footpath was
closed in order for the services
to be connected to the new
houses at Drovers Walk.
Since then this large hole
nearly a metre deep in the
path has just been left with
wires exposed.
I first contacted Beechurst
after this had gone on for
three weeks. They told me to
contact Hampshire County
Council. They told me it was
Beechurst and then
Beechurst told me that it was
Aster Properties.
With all these phone calls I
was getting quite exasperated
as the temporary plastic barriers
have long since blown
down and I feel there is a
genuine danger for kids with
a prying mind. It’s an accident
waiting to happen.
Eventually the man at
Aster Properties told me ‘ah
yes, I know the contractor, I
will get in touch and get
them to get the service
providers to sort this out’.
I have to say I am fed up
with wasting money on
phone calls that appear to go
unheeded, so I’ve written to

Angry Highlands Road