ON Wednesday, 30 April my
father of 78 years had the misfortune
of suffering a blown

A very kind gentleman
stopped to help him change
his tyre, we think that he was
in Thruxton at the time.
The reason we are vague
about his whereabouts is that
once he had got home it
became very obvious that he
had suffered a stroke and has
very little recollection of the
events leading up to it.

He was taken to Southampton
hospital where he underwent
surgery to relieve the
pressure on his brain.
Dad has been sent home and
is recovering slowly.

The consultants explained
that the bleed between his
brain and skull may have
started slowly a few days
before, but that the exertion of
trying to change his tyre may
have increased the bleed thus
making his condition critical.
What may have seemed to
that passer-by as a small act
of kindness probably made a
huge difference to my dad’s

From his wife, children and
grand-daughters may we say
a huge thank to the ambulance
crew, Winchester A&E,
Southampton neuro team and
the kind stranger.

Name and address supplied