I WOULD like to thank and
congratulate Heather
Whittam, venue director at
The Lights, for doing such a
good job organising and
running the new Farmers’
and Crafts Market.

Being my first venture
into Andover High Street as
a local arts and crafts trader
last Sunday, I was
delighted by the smooth
running of the day as well
as the fantastic ambience
which had been created.
True, the weather was
stunning which helped out
a lot, but the array of stalls
and produce on offer reflected
a rich diversity and high

The music throughout the
day added to the upbeat
atmosphere, and it seemed
as if Andover had truly had
some new life breathed back
into it.

I am certainly looking forward
to the next Farmers’
and Crafts Market in June,
and thanks once again to
Heather and her team for
making this event such a
pleasure to take part in, and
a worthwhile day out for
the people of Andover.

Roma Nichol