RE Letters, 30 May, ‘Fracking’.

The two anti-fracking contributors,
between them, need
to address a few points or
issues. Have they ever done
anything to save this green
and pleasant land from the
creeping white blight of wind

The town, parish, county
(and other authorities) that
they so brazenly disparage –
who elects them?

Their opposition to fracking
needs to be scientifically and
factually based.

Their ‘take’ on house building
needs to face up to facts as
well: with natural population
increase ‘swamped’ by
untrammelled, foreign inward
migration AND with the number
of housing units being
built each year falling short
(by scores of thousands) of the
number actually required
where are they all going to be
sited, as a drastic boost to the
current rate of house building
is urgently required?

What of Britain’s energy

Foot-stamping accompanied
by loud shouts of “I want” is
all very well but what is actually
needed is an approach
that is a bit more circumspect
and constructive and without
the technique applied in their
letters, in which a specious
viewpoint is supported by
dragging more and more people
into it, almost in the manner
of a ‘human shield’.

Paddy Keenan, Ward