I READ the nice piece you put into your paper about
Sir George Young this week. He will be missed very
much and has done so much good work in this
North Hampshire constituency.


It has always been a privilege in the past to vote
for the Tories, we’ve had some tip top people here,
Mrs Heinz who lived on Shipton High Street, Eileen
Hasledon at Kimpton and Sir David Mitchell.

Over the years our representation by the Tories
has been simply the best.

Sir George tops the lot and will be a hard act to follow,
he has always been willing to help if he could,
but was honest if he could not.

I’m going to miss seeing him smiling with his
arms folded when things have got heated in the

Ken and I would like to say a special thank you,
but still hope to see him around and about.
God bless sir and keep you safe.

Ken and Josie Smith, Hedges Close, Shipton