I FULLY understand Gary Light’s comments
about the replacement of retiring MP Sir
George Young but still stick to my choices
simply because – ‘Who the heck was Sir
George on arriving here 17 years ago?


Politicians and other’s images and power of
recognition is always kept fired by the media
and the only problem with this is that when
my like appears on the scene, simply seeking
support from their locals concerning helping
or highlighting real issues, this editorial
immediately thinks we are seeking the same
type of publicity that in reality, politicians
could not survive if not granted.

People like Sir George know nothing about
the way us ‘mortals’ have to approach our editorial,
begging bowl at the ready, and be very
careful we don’t say anything to upset our
editor, because do that, and mister, your wellwritten,
meaningful and often self-costly
material lands up in their bins!

In all probability, over the years, I spent
more of my hard-earned cash supporting others,
like telephone calls, postage stamps, stationery,
petrol, seeking sponsorships local,
nationally and internationally, than the likes
of Sir George has actually raised for good
causes unpaid!

Mr Editorial, Sir, you’re only on the side of
the so-called powerful, elected minority. You
openly refuse to help me and kind. In short
you are editorial bullies – now have the
courage to print that!

Gerald Stoodley,
Turin Court,