IN MY letter of 5 March I mentioned a report in the archives of the Romsey Advertiser where a stoat allegedly attacked a woman cycling down a country lane.

Several readers have expressed scepticism saying a stoat would only attack if cornered.

Now Dee Shackleton, a taxi driver who has spent much time in the countryside, believes the attacker may have been a polecat.

If, says Dee, it had young in a hedge nearby, it would have been ferocious in its defence.

Again it would be interesting to see what other readers think.

Secondly in a recent letter Sir George Young MP has told me he cannot interfere in the issues regarding councillors Carr and Hooke.

I disagree, in as much as the most senior Conservative in Test Valley he could have a few words with his party colleague.

Richard J Kidd.

Danegeld Close Andover