I’VE always respected Paddy Keenan’s letters but unfortunately he read my letter wrong!

Never mind, concerning those that should listen and act, let’s hope by at last breaking the ice the future of our nation and children will be much safer.

I’ve always liked Sir George Young, Mr (Les) Mitchell, and always voted for him, plus I’ve been a Conservative far longer then he, but like any other writer who seeks such free space, he’s simply my opposition for free space in the work I do over the past 70 years — ask any editor of our local!

I do except to some what I write may seem hard to believe but you all believe what they all write about!

May I suggest this, Mr Mitchell? I once wrote a book Beat Em – Don’t Join Em, a limited edition, totally for charity that sold out inside three months. It was responsible for raising some £85,000 for good causes and supported by HM The Queen. I say, Mr Mitchell, no other author, regardless of fame or fortune, can boast the same claim as myself. If you can I will stop writing in my local, probably in fear of you ‘binning’ them!

Amid the endless support, me and my racing pigeons have helped good causes. For example I’ve loaned the use of my pigeons for TV filmings and the least I had directed to local causes each time was £600! You know nothing about the work I’ve done over such a period.

May I mention my Animals in War exhibit will be on show in the library from 13 July onwards along with their war time exhibits. I do hope readers and animal lovers will visit and really absorb just what our pets are all about – like saving so many lives during those two world war conflicts.

May I thank Test Valley Borough Council for displaying same, also Wellington Academy in Tidworth for such great interest.

Via my racing pigeons one great donation I made was towards the completion of the Animals in War memorial in Hyde Park London.

Gerald Stoodley, Turin Court, Andover