“Town’s a joke” (Letters, August 1). Hallelujah – someone who’s voiced the opinion of tons of Andover residents!

This town’s councillors should hang their heads in shame. I think this little town has too many cafes, charity shops and coffee shops, and as for the bus station’s latest refurb – what on earth possessed someone to plonk a cafe in it when you have Muffin Break, Boswells, Jenny’s and Wimpy not even five minutes away?

I now shop out of town. Sad to say, our town’s trade is dying.

I go to Salisbury market, it’s like I remember Andover market from when I was a child. Lo and behold, I saw two old regular market traders who don’t bother with Andover market anymore because – in their words – they left before the town died.

Why had this been allowed?

Why are the voices of our shoppers being ignored? Tesco has pulled out, and if a giant like that leaves, more will follow.

I'm Andover born and bred, and sadly feeling not very proud of our town’s shopping facilities. We need traders FAST.

Bev Campbell Roman Way, Andover