EVERY day there are complaints about the run down state of the town, and lack of shops, forcing many to go to other towns for essentials.

People are reminiscing about the old Andover when it was a lively, busy shopping centre.

I didn’t grow up in Andover, but came here nearly 40 years ago with my young family.

Then it was a wonderful place to shop - we had department stores, a great market, greengrocers, butchers, delicatessens, a fishmonger – the list is endless.

Now, as stated in Bev Campbell’s letter this week, there is nothing but cafes and charity shops.

It is indeed a dying town, like so many all over the country. When will Test Valley and Hampshire councils listen to what the people want and need, instead of wasting money on projects that are neither wanted or needed?

There is no possible point in revamping the upper High Street until we have some decent shops there, for they are what attract visitors, not concrete balls! There’s even a pizza cafe in the Guildhall, which used to be a meeting place for so many local groups in the town. It is, after all our town hall!

Regarding parking, there are indeed sufficient car parks and cars in a pedestrianised area can be dangerous. There are some disabled bays at the top of the High Street and able-bodied drivers should be able to walk from George Yard, Union Street or Town Mills!

Finally, the bus station, a white elephant if ever there was one.

I quote from a verse of my tongue in cheek song about what’s wrong with Andover, based on the old Tom Jones hit: “Though the new bus station can be seen, village buses are few and far between!

What’s happening to our green, green grass of home?”

Irene Williams Heath Vale, Andover