I AM grateful for Andrew Wilson writing in last week (15/8) and for making a very sensible observation.

Cllr Woodward and others at Hampshire County Council/Test Valley Borough Council are aware of this.

In a nutshell, if one in four allegedly use the pavement (illegally as pointed out by Andrew Wilson), then there is only a 25 per cent justification for providing the insane bi-directional cycleway and a 75 per cent reason for retaining the status quo, i.e. leave things as they are (apart from adding the pelican crossing, which seems a good idea).

But I have always challenged the one in four assertion made, allegedly, by the neighbourhood warden who no one on Weyhill Road has ever seen, and if they have, wouldn’t know what she looks like.

If timings are adhered to, work on the bi-directional cycleway starts next month. What a waste of money, not to mention the inevitable conflicts that will happen.

Alan Turner, Weyhill Road, Andover.